Run Down Schedule ICHIMAT 2019

Call For Paper

ICHIMAT 2019 will be held on November, 6th– 8th 2019 at-Hotel Danau Toba International

ICHIMAT 2019 will be an innovative and informative International Conference reflecting the direction of Health Informatics and Medical Application Technology while offering a wide range of diversions to participants of all backgrounds.  Leading academicians, medical students, clinicians, public health professionals, health care specialists, health care workers, health economists, eminent researchers, scientists, health workers, policy makers, social workers, health information management worker and other related professionals are welcome to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of Public Health


Track of Health Informatics

New trends in the field of global Health Informatics, healthcare institutions, health information technology, healthcare project planning and management, Health Care and database management, Improving healthcare efficiency, data quality, patient safety, infrastructure sustainability, care continuity, healtcare cost containment outcomes, Health Regulation and Administration, and Hospital Management and Administration


Track of Medical Technology Application

Technological advances in medicine and the delivery of care, personalized medicine, wearable devices for healthier living, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology  and the development of medical devices and equipment


Track of Public Health

Global Public Health, Primary Health Care, Maternal, Infant and Child Health, Adolescent and Young Health, Mental Health and Mental Disorders, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Diseases, Addiction disorders,  Epidemiology and Public Health, Long-term care, Social Determinants of Health,Non-Communicable Diseases, Patient safety and quality, Sexual and Reproduvtive Health


Track of Nursing and midwifery Science

Reproductive Health, Emergency Nursing, Medical Surgery, Gerontic, Pediatric Nursing, Antenatal care, Intranatal care, Postnatal care, and Family Planning